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Our Difference

MRIcoilrepair.com is the only service company in the industry that completes full coil refurbishment. As a fully functional medical device refurbisher, we have no need to outsource any services. What does this mean for you? Less downtime and no markups, saving up to 90% off OEM exchange prices.

As coil technology changes ever so quickly, MRIcoilrepair.com continues to evolve. Within our state-of-the-art coil repair lab, we have the capabilities to service all OEM coils. Our highly experienced technicians work with all strengths, models, configurations and designs. Complete electrical evaluations, repair and precise tuning go into each job. We refurbish your flex coils to “like new” condition.

Understanding that any rips or tears within your coil may harbor bacteria, we have the ability to completely remove all of the foam without harming the internal components. Foam replacement “Foam Packaging” is included at no additional charge when a complete electrical repair is completed.

All materials have passed skin irritation, cytotoxicity and flammability tests. As damaged surface coils are sent to us, we check for full electrical functionality, mechanical damage and cosmetic issues. Mechanically, we repair all cracks, chips and voids on the coil.

Missing parts? We have an extensive, hard to find coil component inventory is not comparable in the industry so we can match to your exact specifications.

Value Added Services

  • Up-front Quotes
  • Re-foaming and/or Re-Molding options available for all flex coils
  • Cosmetic Re-painting
  • Mechanical Repair
  • 3-D Printing capabilities to reverse engineer and manufacture plastic components.
  • Replacement positioning pads (MR, CT and Bone Density)
  • Replacement table pads
  • In-house engineering support to complete all custom requests

What does that mean for you?  The highest quality repairs, quick turnaround, and a substantial savings to your bottom line.

Rethink. Reuse. Refurbish.

As one of the largest contract manufacturers of flexible coils in the industry, MRIcoilrepair.com has the experience to handle all of your coil refurbishment needs.

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