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Loaner Program

Do you have MRI appointments scheduled and a broken coil? Don’t let your appointments down, getting a loaner coil couldn’t be easier. Just click on our Loaner Coils button below and find the coil you need.Then contact us via email or phone for pricing and availability. We’ll immediately ship the right loaner coil to you with zero down time. Then you simply send us your broken coil for repair. Once we receive your coil, we’ll test it and repair it to OEM specifications. This includes electrical and mechanical repairs, as well as handling any necessary cosmetic issues; such as re-foaming a flex coil or re-painting a rigid coil. We’ll then ship your like-new coil back to you. Once you receive your coil, just send the loaner coil back to us. Simple coil replacement and repair.

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Rethink. Reuse. Refurbish.

As one of the largest contract manufacturers of flexible coils in the industry, has the experience to handle all of your coil refurbishment needs.

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