Cosmetic Repair

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Our cosmetic repair process…

  • Flexible Coils are completely stripped of old material prior to Re-Foaming Process
  • Re-Foam manufacturing process allows new foam assembled to coil, vinyl coating, positioning marks and velcro
  • Re-Foamed coils will pass OEM specifications for fit, form and function
  • Surface coils are repainted meeting all ISO-10993 skin contact standards
  • Coil color and finish are matched to make the coil look brand new
  • Cable re-foaming/replacement balun covers available

Re-Foaming and Re-Painting is included at no additional charge when a complete electrical repair is completed.

Rethink. Reuse. Refurbish.

As one of the largest contract manufacturers of flexible coils in the industry, has the experience to handle all of your coil refurbishment needs.

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